Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Facebook, Friends and Fun

So I finally joined Facebook. I have heard it mentioned in conversations for a long time now. But I wasn't sure I wanted to add myself into the mix.
It has been really fun!
I have found family members, childhood friends, friends from high school, old mission companions, and friends that I see everyday at the gym. I love it. It is so fun to see pictures and hear what everyone is doing in their "real" lives. I love it.

Rob finally got me a computer of my own, now I don't have to wait for him to let me have time on the computer. He is on his pretty much every waking minute of the day. So I am more than excited!

My new year's goals are going well. I have been keeping my hair done, in fact yesterday I had about 15 minutes after getting home from the gym to get showered, hair done and dressed before I had to head out to take Adam to therapy, and I did it!!!

As for the dates with my kids, so far I have been able to take Avalon out and Rob was able to take Adam out bowling. So two down, two to go.

Date nights?? Well I still need to find a regular babysitter so this will be more feasible. But I will get it accomplished.

Finances, well we have purchased quicken and I have been spending time getting all the bank accounts and bills put in so we can track the finances more closely. This is mainly for Rob. He is such a geek, he seems to have to have information on a computer screen to have it sink in!! lol
I have also been tracking every penny I spend. I got a little notebook from Target that has a really nice set up to track where you are spending and how much in different categories. It is by Jane Chatzky, and I really like it. There is a quote from her in the front, that says, "People who track their spending, spend less and save more." That is what I am looking to do. I have noticed that I am not so quick to go through a drive through or run to the grocery store because I know I have to write down what I spend there. Now if I could get Rob to do the same..... I know he wont! Any ideas you guys have that may help me on this?

Well the day has begun, and I have Adam down stairs playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos and making tons of noise, so I should get going here. Oh, well!

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Ty and Kenzie said...

Allowance, a certain amount you can work out in your budget. Works really well for Ty and I. So glad to be your friend on Facebook! Glad to here that your in your new home. I would love to see some pics!!